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Linen wholesale store for women

This website is only for sales to professionals. We do not sell to individuals.

Requirements for each order:

  • Model 036 or 037 (we only accept textile activity license), to our WhatsApp.
  • The minimum purchase is 200€ +VAT.


As wholesalers of women’s linen in Spain, we want to offer the best to our customers. That’s why we invite you to see all our products.


Sale of clothing exclusively to professionals

Tax data:

Razón social: CAI YUN LAI SL

CIF: B93343234

Address: Calle Andre Gide 25, Polígono Guadalhorce, 29004, Málaga


Linen dress


Linen cardigan


Linen striped short shirt dress


Printed linen strappy dress


Informal sets


Orange linen set


Green linen dress


Sets of jersey and lycra


Jumpsuit sets and washed dresses


Linen dress in Greek style




Linen kit


Short pleated linen dress


Yellow linen set


Linen sets with vest and trousers


Sets of thread and lycra


Jackets and basic sets


Casual outfit


Linens sets


All linen set

Shipping policy and terms of services

Shipments in the national territory: Standard box 20 kg approx. and dimensions: 40x40x60cm. Cost: 10 € + VAT per box.

For shipments outside the national territory, including Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, check the price by our WhatsApp.

Other destinations: Standard box 25kg approx. and dimensions: 40x40x60cm.

The best linen wholesalers

If you want the best linen garments in your store, you have to have the best linen wholesalers. In all our garments you can appreciate the delicacy and quality, so they are durable.

As wholesalers of women’s linen in Spain, we want all our customers from all over the country to feel satisfied with their purchase, so we only make clothes of the best quality.

Wear linen this summer!


Linen dress in Greek style


Printed linen strappy dress


Linen cardigan

About us

Linen wholesaler in Málaga and Spain

At Moda Ling we are wholesalers of clothing in Malaga, we have a wide portfolio of customers throughout Spain and the rest of the world, customers choose us for our speed in renewing collections, personalized attention, the quality of materials and our effective logistics. As wholesalers in women’s linen, we know what customers want, so we always have the latest trends.

We started as a wholesaler in Malaga in 2014, and since our beginnings we have become a benchmark as a clothing wholesaler in Spain.

Nowadays, for such a competitive market, clothing distributors in Spain are increasingly required to be more efficient and make no mistakes. This is essential to compete at the sector level and with large platforms.

We invite you to discover our catalogue and you will see that we are the best alternative as linen suppliers in Spain. If you are looking for good prices and quality, you have come to the right place Don’t waste your time! We are the best linen wholesalers in Spain With us you will only have quality!

We offer you the best quality linen clothes at the best price


Our philosophy

Below, we summarize some guidelines that is of vital importance for our company of women’s linen wholesalers in Spain:

  • The speed to offer our products daily. As a company specializing in the distribution of clothing in Malaga and Spain, we know how important it is to go with the latest trend, so having effective factories ensures that our collections reach our customers in the shortest possible time.
  • Always providing personalized attention. Our clients choose us because we know their requirements, each area, province, country, time of year, has its unique and personal style… He chooses us because we offer them our best product at every moment.
  • The quality of the materials in our collections. This is another extremely important factor for the distribution of clothing in Spain, our wide range of fabrics, such as cotton, linen, viscose and wool, among other materials, of Italian manufacture, to ensure that they meet all the demands of our customers.
  • Distribution of clothing in Spain and the rest of the world efficiently and professionally. Our distribution company is constantly looking for new ways, methods and routes to always provide our customers with a professional and efficient service. For Moda Ling it is vital that our customers have their products as soon as possible, to ensure their sales during each season. For this we have a large number of subcontracted transport companies, for distribution of clothing in Spain and the rest of the world, so that our products reach any corner of the world in a fast, efficient and safe way.

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